Ramon Leyba

Today is Ramon Leyba’s birthday. He grew up in Barelas. I still remember a John Litt anecdote about him. A bunch of Albuquerque High School students were helping on a dig and were miles from the nearest town. Ramon asked everyone if they wanted something and took their requests. He then ran to the nearest town, got what everyone wanted and simply ran back. He held a number of New Mexico state running records; many of them still stand to this day. 

He was one of those people that everyone in Barelas and for those that knew him …well we held him in the very highest regard. He was more than an athlete..he was a decent, honorable and incredibly bright human being.

Much to everyone’s dismay he died in action in Vietnam. He left a void in everyone’s life…one that touches me constantly.

Let us never forget Ramon. He is a shining example of what our Barelas, the Heart of Aztlán, is and was all about…decency, honor and service to others.

Here is a link to a website done by one of his navy buddies .


¡Qué viva Barelas!


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