Street By Street

Starting with the Safeway (Fourth and Coal) which morphed into a Golden Fork – going south there was:

East Side of 4th and Coal a used car lot [anyone remember the name] ?

West side of 4th and Coal a dry cleaner [anyone remember the name]?




2 thoughts on “Street By Street

  1. Raúl, I have no idea what happened to Feliz Gurule, Phillip Montoya lived across the street from us on the 900 block of Barelas, last I know about him is that he went to Harvard and has never been seen since, at least I used to come home summers.

    If Fritos is Fitos that I knew of on south 4th, it has morphed into the Barelas Coffee House, a great go to place for burqueños who love Burque style food.

    My sister still lives in the same house that I was raised and she knows a lot about the barrio, I’ll ask her about El Cambio and let’s now forget about Mike’s Grocery Store and Arrow’s both used to be on south 4th. Oh, can’t forget about the Red Ball Café.

    I did meet an ex-bareleño at Taos Ski Valley, we think that we are the only vatos from Barelas who have picked up downhill skiing, he as instructor there and is 5 years younger than us.

    Glad that you started this blog!

    ¡Qué viva Barelas!


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